Gouache Paintups .jpg

Spring Picnic is a collection of digitally designed pieces developed from hand illustration. Through gouache and ink on watercolour paper, the designs are handcrafted to initiate a deeper connection with the cottage core movement. Each design is intended for digitally printed clothing, swimwear and accessories. 

Spring Picnic is designed for the new way of living, post-COVID–19, a ‘new normal’ consisting of staycations and cautious socialisation. My designs have been inspired by the cottage core movement where getting back into nature and enjoying life outside of the home is more common and appreciated. This collection was designed to create joy through colour and pattern which can be used for anything from a day at the beach to a dressed-up picnic. 


The hand-illustrated motifs were inspired by the fresh smells of flowers blooming in Spring. These were accompanied by brightly coloured insects amongst nature. All of the motifs were hand-drawn and painted with a mix of gouache and inks on watercolour paper. These designs were then translated into CAD-based platforms to create repeated patterns, ready for digital printing. 


In summary Spring Picnic was designed for the new ways of living, with a deeper connection with nature post covid -19. Intended for digitally printed textiles perfect for any Spring day,  whether it's to the beach or for a dressed-up picnic.